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Snow sucks!
We will "always" remember Severus Snape!
Some of my llamas have seemed to walked away. How come yesterday I had 176 llamas and now I only have 169? Is it llama hunting season and no one told me about it, or is it some sort of punishment from the Deviant Art god for not posting artwork often enough? Does anyone know where my llamas have gone?
Don't ask I have no idea.
And a merry christmas to you Mr. Scrooge:)
Thoughts & prayers for all in Paris, France.
Deer hunting season for firearms has started so I will be very busy casing the elusive whitetail, I will be posting new art even less then I already do for a few weeks (or at least until I shoot one).
Scared ya didn't I!
Happy Halloween!
Hello....Hello.....Hello.....Is there anybody out there?

Just sayin'.
Just sayin' hi.
I'm bored and have a really bad case of "ICTOAT2D!" (I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING 2 DRAW!)